• SmartStreet

    Your Artificial Intelligence (AI) Powered Street Garbage Detection & Alert System

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    What is SmartStreet?

    SMARTStreet is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered Street 'CCTV Garbage Detection & Alert System' that can help you manage street garbage collection in a 'smarter way' without any manual intervention!


    Check out the program published on Intel Developer Mesh for details.

  • How SmartStreet Works

    The 4-Step process that drives SMARTStreet



    Selects an input image (Image of a street from CCTV Camera feed) at pre-defined intervals



    Classifies the image as 'clean' or 'unclean'



    If 'unclean', automatically sends an email alert to the respective authorities



    Authorities take necessary action to clean the street

  • What Powers SmartStreet

    The most important technologies at the core of SMARTStreet


    Artificial Intelligence


    Machine Learning


    Supervised Learning


    Tensor Flow



  • Download Source Code

    The SMARTStreet source code available for you on our GitHub page

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